Movies are better with friends

The best user interface is invisible. When the Cinémur web app was launched in 2011, it was the only movie discovery service to offer such an immersive experience.

An elegant way to browse through thousands of trailers, ratings, and showtimes ... and a "social filter" to help you decide what to watch thanks to your friends' favorites.

We used an unconventional, visual way, to present showtimes. Directly inspired by this Victor Bret’s redesign, it allows you to compare efficiently everything you need to consider before going to the movies : ratings, casting, movie length, language…
The current time is visible as well so we can focus on what’s coming next.


context matters

The Right information at the Right time


Being an outsider means you always need to be one step ahead from your competitors in term of experience and efficiency. That's why we prioritized main use cases to bring the right information at the right moment. Search, comparison and browsing need to be fast and fluid, especially when it comes to showtimes.

At every step, we carefully decide whether information needs to be seen or not. Clarity and affordance are absolutely essential in our design process.

use cases examples

  • ☞  I want to see a good movie right now, in the closest theater around me
  • ☞  Is there any good movie on TV tonight ?
  • ☞  I want to watch the trailers of best upcoming movies

Movie details

Movies on TV

Because there's no good experience without clean animations and feedbacks, we spent hours on getting small details right. As it follows the scroll, our custom "pull to refresh" animation – just above – is also something you'll want to play with. Here are two examples of what makes the difference.