Premium video on demand platform

FnacPLAY is the brand new VOD platform of the best known player on the French market for recreational goods


Fnac is the 2nd most visited e-commerce website in France. For many years, Fnac stores have been the obvious way to buy music, books and movies. FnacPLAY is the next logical move in the new Fnac digital era and has had to reflect the brand's quality standards.


From digital rights management to specific technical requirements, designing a VOD platform is a big challenge. Especially when it has to come with a native app for every OS.

buy on the web, enjoy everywhere

FnacPLAY is more than just another VOD website,
It's like an expert who helps you decide

FnacPLAY is available on the web and provides native apps for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android phones & tablets. Not an easy task to keep a good consistancy between every device and every OS. Global identity must fit with different interaction patterns and user interface guidelines.


For here or to go?

With native apps and offline mode on every OS,
bring your movies anywhere with you